It's hard to pin down InterraMedia, because we do so many things and we go about our business a bit differently than everyone else.

Unlike most design firms, we don't do a lot of self-promotion. (In fact, in 12 years of business, we have yet to spend a single penny on advertising.) If anything, we are a 'quiet' firm, often working in the background, behind the scenes, on projects which are vital to our clients' success.

We consciously avoid constraining ourselves to one type of client or industry or project size. Indeed, our clients include everything from publicly-traded international corporations to small tech start ups, from renouned art galleries to national charity organizations. No project is too large or too small. No need is too great or insignificant. We will always find a way to make your wishes happen.

Founded in 2004, 2016 marks our 12th year in the design business.


An abbreviated list of our services might look like this:

  • Branding & Identity
  • Website Design
  • App Development
  • Design for Print
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Photography
  • Design for Social Media Platforms
  • Custom Mapping Integration